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Welcome to the website of A Maze in Tchaiovna, a cosy cultural teahouse specialising in delicious hot & cold drinks, craft beers and yummy food - located in the heart of Prague 6.

About Tchaiovna

Surrounded by books, musical instruments and board games, the teahouse provides a space for different social gatherings such as chess club, language lessons, reading groups and craft workshops. With the monthly cultural programme, we’ve also become known for serving up a wide variety of cultural events in both Czech and English; theatre, comedy, discussions known as “Tea Talks”, live music, poetry nights, art exhibitions, film and workshops. We pride ourselves on being a friendly & welcoming establishment, serving great loose teas from all over the world, unique & authentic varieties of Indian masala chai (plus a few recipes of our own!), prize-winning micro-brewery beers plus yummy pies and mouth watering curry!


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Contact us!

If you are interested in booking a room or table or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Table reservation

+420 602 965 224

Production & Manager

+420 608 864 274

Andrew Fell

Room reservation

+420 602 965 224


+420 608 864 295

Helen Fell